Given the future forces
of the next decade…

Where do you stack up in terms of your current leadership skills?

Are you ready to lead in
a future that will be volatile, uncertain, complex,
and ambiguous?

How could you improve
your own readiness?

Here, we invite you to reflect on where you are now and how prepared you are
to face the forces of the coming decade.

Leadership Questions
to Ask Yourself

You now have an opportunity to assess your own readiness for the future. Use the questions below to spark your own thinking about leadership and how you might like to develop yourself as a leader in the future. It’s up to you to decide what kind of leader you want to be, but looking ahead to future challenges can bring out more of your own innate leadership gifts. There will be many new skills for future leaders to learn – are you ready?

Answer the questions below as candidly as you can. The questions are grouped around the ten future leadership skills. They are intended to help you personalize these skills and point to how they might apply to your own leadership development.

These are personal questions, as you will see. Leadership begins from the inside, from your own values and point of view. Leaders have the power to make a better world, but it will take an inner balance and discipline.

Please ponder these questions and think about them personally. They are designed to be discerning, but you need to decide what they mean for you.


Adapted from Leaders Make The Future by Bob Johansen,
Distinguished Fellow, and former President of Institute for the Future

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