“In medicine we are trained to care for patients. The administrative and staff development side are not taught, resulting in the need to learn these skills on-the-job. When I took on a leadership position in our hospital I quickly acquired many of these skills resulting in many programmatic successes. However, after several years I realized that I had hit the wall, and did not have the tools with which to solve many of the remaining issues. This is where Cheryl stepped in: we have worked together so that I am now better able to understand my strengths and weaknesses. I have learned to optimize my strengths, and have found ways to mitigate those areas where I am less skilled. Cheryl has not only allowed me to reach my potential, but probably more importantly has relentlessly but compassionately worked with me to ensure that I did not fall back into my old habits and ways of doing things. I am indebted to her, and am certain that without her support my career development would have been hampered. She is passionate in her efforts to tease the best out of me, and I know that she truly cares.”


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