In the Spirit of Leadership is a book for anyone who wants to take their leadership to the next level: it is a journey through poems, inviting a new leadership consciousness by traveling through the heart of the self.

“Esposito’s elegant book reaches deep into the silent center
of the self, where creative thoughts arise. To spend time with
the poems and meditations here is to nourish the soul.”
– Betty Sue Flowers, international business consultant, poet, and
co-author of Presence: An Exploration of Profound Change in People,
Organizations, and Society and Director, Johnson Presidential Library
and Museum

In the Spirit of Leadership is also available in audio CD format – for those who enjoy listening to books. And for those of you who would like to create your own vision into a different future, there is a companion journal subtitled Reflections Along the Journey.

In the Spirit of Leadership: A Vision Into A Different Future, has won multiple awards:
the Independent Publishers 2009 Axiom Business Book Awards Bronze Medal for the Coaching/Mentoring category
the Nautilus Book Awards 2009 Silver Medal for Audiobooks to Enlighten & Inspire
and the Nautilus Book Awards 2009 Silver Small Press Award for the Conscious Business/Leadership category

At PLUMB ROAD Publishing, we believe that leadership evolves from the leader’s consciousness. Leadership requires self-awareness; leaders must look within to create the changes they seek in their organizations.

We are committed to the publication of unique books, audio and supplemental materials that help leaders connect with their true selves. Our publications exemplify the work of self-mastery, self-leadership, and self-transformation. Our authors and partners seek to change the world by bringing big ideas to thought leaders worldwide. Leaders making a difference, around the world.

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