What would be your Heaven on Earth?

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Martin Rutte, a visionary in large-scale transformation, who has spent over 15 years exploring peoples’ vision for the world they deeply long for. He realized that as human beings, we have forgotten our humanity. As humanity, we have no collective purpose. The story of being human and being humanity needs an upgrade.

Project Heaven on Earth is Martin’s work that has emerged into a movement, engaging people in profound, simple ways of transforming that story – and, thus the world – every day.

The First Annual Global Heaven on Earth Day is March 7, 2022. Imagine people all over the world doing their part in shaping a new story of humanity. And… what if it’s not as difficult as you think it is?

Join Cheryl Esposito & Martin Rutte to discover Heaven on Earth & imagine a new story of Humanity.