Want To Be A Team? Change Your Point of View.

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Freeman Michaels & Susan Leahy, co-founders of Group to Team Leadership Solutions. How many times have you worked on a team, only to discover that no one was really interested in being a team? Freeman Michaels & Susan Leahy say the concept of team is widely misunderstood. There is a difference between acting as a group of individuals motivated by separate self-interest, versus operating as a team fueled by shared vision and mutual interest. Here’s the linchpin: successful teams begin with each individual. Everything you do, say or think is either propelling the organization further into “group” or generating more team. Freeman and Susan have created a way to determine whether your choices, attitudes & behavior are viewed through the lens of group or the lens of team. Ready to explore this new vision of team? Join Cheryl Esposito with Freeman Michaels & Susan Leahy exploring their powerful “Group to Team” model of success!