True Health: The Wisdom Within

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Matt Riemann, founder of the Ultimate Human Foundation, devoted to transforming world health. He is an author, educator and leading expert in personalized health & prevention of chronic pain. Matt’s successful career as a physical therapist working with Olympic athletes was interrupted by a genetic disease, triggered by a mutated gene in his body. Working with geneticists & researchers, Matt learned of epigenetics & the activation of our genes. Epigenetic factors include elements like diet, exercise, stress, and the environment in which we live. He asked: If genes can be triggered or “turned on” to cause my disease, how can they be turned off? This is where art & science of the human body meet: the door to the wisdom within. Matt is launching a Personalized Health Revolution that brings ancient & modern philosophies & medicines together to optimize personal health. A new online platform, ph360, provides personalized lifestyle insights for optimal, individual well-being. He is working with visionary leaders to incorporate mind-body-spirit connections, while conducting scientific, evidence-based research to improve the health and future of humanity. Join Cheryl Esposito & Matt Riemann and learn to unlock the door to discover the wisdom within!