The Quiet Callings of Sound Leadership

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Frederick Johnson, an accomplished vocalist & percussionist, recognized internationally as one of the world’s greatest vocal jazz improvisers. He has recorded & toured with jazz legends Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie, Chick Corea, Herbie Mann, Aretha Franklin, Patti La Belle, George Benson, BB King & others. Around the world, Fred teaches the power of creative expression as a tool for personal wellbeing & healing. He utilizes the arts to empower organizational leaders & teams to explore new ways of interacting. He leads global programs bringing people together from diverse spiritual & cultural backgrounds to create artistic forums for learning, sharing, reconciliation, vision & hope. His book, Quiet Callings, is a journey to inspire the soul & enliven the energy within. Does leadership have a sound? Can music inspire an organization? Join Cheryl Esposito and Frederick Johnson to hear the Quiet Callings of Sound Leadership.