Stuart Lord – Living Leadership: DIGNITY • HONOR • RESPECT • LOVE • GENEROSITY

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Dr. Stuart Lord, now Delta Developmental CEO, is now the president and chief executive officer of a new adult development organization focused on optimizing athletics and corporations based in Boulder, Colorado. Stuart’s leadership roles include Dartmouth & DePauw Universities; & executive director of the 1997 President’s Summit for America’s Future, (a White House initiative on mentoring), during the Clinton administration; and President of Naropa University at Boulder, Colorado. DIGNITY. Stuart Lord is an optimist. HONOR. He sees possibility. RESPECT. He believes we can do more, be more. LOVE. Of his University he says: “We are too good not to be better. Focus on being better.” GENEROSITY. In order to lead others, one must give to others their dignity. One must honor them as a human being. Respect and love them for all of their potential. And be generous in one’s view of them and in offering them opportunity. Join Cheryl Esposito & Dr. Stuart Lord as they explore the cornerstones of leadership!