Mood Matters: Leading with Exuberance

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Don Arnoudse, the Senior Partner of the Arnoudse Group & founder of The Exuberance Project. He has a distinguished history advising & coaching game changing leaders & entrepreneurs with a unique perspective on success. How much does mood matter in your success? A lot, according to Don Arnoudse. He says that it is the key success factor throughout life. His message to leaders: mastering your moods is non-negotiable. If you didn’t learn it early in life, you better learn it now. The leadership challenge of the day is creating a sustainable organization while innovating to disrupt existing markets. What does mood have to do with this? Plenty. Mood is an often under-appreciated, yet essential aspect of leadership. Inspiring confidence, excellence and excitement about the future, will influence the organization’s creativity. Don wants you to go beyond “a good mood” to “exuberance”- an expansive, jubilant energy that has the power to dramatically shape circumstances. He founded the Exuberance Project saying, “…I am dedicated to creating this shift in the world of business where so many resources are concentrated; the social impact of such a shift would be exponential.”

Join Cheryl Esposito & Don Arnoudse to power your mood meter!