Problem or Possibility? You Choose.

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Lisa Kalmin, transformational leader and trainer, and author of The Problem with the Problem is the Way You See The Problem.

Lisa Kalmin is focused…on a world transformed, on a humanity that can make that happen. As a transformational trainer, she has helped thousands of people to redefine what is possible for them.
She didn’t always do this work. Lisa was an Investment Manager for a financial firm when she decided there was more for her to do in the world. She was drawn to transformational work. She chose to be a “Yes” to that path before she knew how it would materialize.

Fast-forward twenty years, Lisa is transforming the lives of individuals, working with people all over the world; Lisa and her business partner created the BadAss Women’s Leadership Summit to give women the opportunity to explore “their possible” – and she fits all of that into her life as the mother of two teenagers. Life is full.

What are you intuiting about yourself that you could be a “yes” to? Join Cheryl Esposito & Lisa Kalmin to explore! Watch the video interview below!

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