Beyond the Persona: The Power of Naming Our Soul’s Nature

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Melanie DewBerry, author of The Power of Naming: The Journey Toward Your Soul’s Indigenous Nature. Melanie is in the business of courage and human potential. She describes herself as a fellow traveler finding her way home.
At nine years old, she experienced the power of naming, first hand. The language of her family and community had only been love. It was safe. Then they moved to a new city. “A local policeman’s kid tried to hose me down on the way to school. It was here that I heard the ‘N word’ for the first time.” The neighbors signed a petition to have them move out of the neighborhood, called in death threats to her dad. She didn’t understand. “All I knew was, suddenly, someone didn’t love me. That felt strange.” One family of Chinese & Portuguese descent refused to sign the petition. They moved out of the neighborhood together.
There is power in naming our identity. Positive or negative, loving or hateful, we begin to shape our beliefs about the safety to be our full self. The labels begin. “You’ve always had an inkling of your essence, but you’ve played a game of hide-and-seek with your soul.” That, she says, can be exhausting. Are you ready to let your true nature be seen?
Join Cheryl Esposito & Melanie DewBerry to peek into your own journey to name your essence – the indigenous nature of your soul.