Leadership: A Change of Heart Changes Everything

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Dr. Deborah Rozman President and co-CEO of HeartMath. Deborah’s background as entrepreneur, psychologist, and business executive led her to work with Doc Childre, a stress researcher- and founder of HeartMath. His purpose: research and develop a science-based system of tools and technologies to help people reduce their stress and improve health, resilience and quality of life.

HeartMath’s breakthrough research (published in the American Journal of Cardiology) uncovered a physiological state called heart coherence, where spirit, heart, brain and nervous system come into synchronization and alignment.

Heartmath is on a mission – to give people the tools they need to access the power of their own hearts – that place inside all of us that is our most reliable guide for making decisions big and small, the source of positive emotions that regenerate us, the access point for more intuition and the core of our authenticity, self-security, and blueprint for larger purpose and contribution.

Join Cheryl Esposito and Dr. Deborah Rozman to discover the technology that is changing lives and creating heart-based leadership around the world.