Leadership Coaching

Alexsa Consulting designs tailored coaching programs to develop and support individual goals for developing full leadership potential. We look at how to develop the practical skills, tools and techniques to help leaders create sustainable changes in their own behavior. Leaders are then able to positively influence the behavior of their teams and their organization in the most effective way to achieve business results.

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Confidential Meeting

A confidential one-on-one meeting is scheduled to assess the leader’s developmental goals in relation to opportunities and areas for growth. The framework of the coaching relationship is discussed and agreed upon.

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Assessment Process

  • Online psychometrics options
  • Structured holistic interview (biography and in-depth exploration of leadership skills and capabilities)
  • Assess 180s and 360s for context and developmental input
  • Review overall data to establish a narrative of strengths and areas for development

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Plan for Action

  • The assessment and analytics provide a clear picture of strengths and areas for development to drive a tailored leadership coaching plan.
  • We review the information with the client and agree to a plan of action to address any behavioral objectives, and set priorities and role expectations.
  • We also set desired results that are clearly defined and measurable within an anticipated time frame.

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The Coaching Relationship

The coaching relationship focuses on the agreed plan and the development of practical skills, styles and strategies. Observations and feedback are provided as an opportunity for self-reflection, to develop self-awareness, and to support insights required for sustained behavioral changes.

Private coaching sessions also allow leaders to practice new behaviors through role-plays as well as observation and feedback. Continued progress is monitored through face-to-face meetings and/or phone consultations.

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  • Final assessment for readiness; compare against assessment tests and feedback from initial data
  • Review and assess performance metrics
  • Conduct final session and conclude coaching process
  • Maintain contact with the client through agreed follow-up consultations

The Benefits of Leadership Coaching
with Alexsa Consulting