Transformation…so, what’s next?



When I hear a word or a concept becoming mainstream, I wonder. I wonder if it has lost meaning. I wonder if I am behind the curve instead of out front. I wonder if I am not doing my job in helping the evolution of the next way of being in the world. So, I thought…transformation…I hear this word a lot. So, what’s next…?

As a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, I get to play and think with my peers, about 100 thought leaders in the field. Last weekend in St. Martin at our bi-annual gathering, I and my colleague Mark McKergow created and led a session, Transformation…So, what’s next? Fabulous. It was a highly interactive, rich exploration of what we need to be looking toward. Begin to sketch the future…ask the questions to get you there. Bon voyage.


So, what’s next?