The Secret to Awakening Consciousness (It’s Not Rocket Science!)



Arjuna Ardagh

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Arjuna Ardagh author, speaker & founder of Awakening Coaching Training, dedicated to the awakening of consciousness within the context of ordinary life. In his latest book, Better than Sex: The Ecstatic Art of Awakening Coaching, Arjuna teaches that an infinite source of stillness, well-being, & creativity can be brought forth in every area of your life – and it is extraordinarily simple.

Friday January 10, 2014 10:00 am PST Pacific Time

Thoughts of limitation and stories of inadequacy rob people of happiness and shut down creativity. If we learn to relax into our true nature, all is possible in our life. This is especially important for leaders today who must make innovation their organization’s playground. Focus on competition is a distraction…Creativity in your people is key. Want to know more?

Join Cheryl Esposito and Arjuna Ardagh to explore the core competencies of Awakening Coaching!

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