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 Create a new way of looking at the world.
 Experience the power of a simple conversation.
 Make leadership matter.
 Your presence is required...
Imagine yourself making a difference. One that others could experience; a difference that would be noticed in the world.

Now, imagine this could be anything you wanted it to be. No matter how big or small, it would be experienced by others; it would be noticed in the world.

Does this interest you? Does this inspire curiosity in you… the you who wants to play big in the world?
THE CENTER FOR WORLD LEADERSHIP creates the place for artful conversation, gathering together creative minds that are open to possible futures. Big thinkers sharing their ways of seeing so that each can bring a new found sense of possibility into the world.

Our next gathering is being planned. If you would like an update about this and other developments with the Center for World Leadership go here.


In the Spirit of Leadership
by Cheryl Esposito
An invitation
to lead from the heart
 with honesty,
vision & courage

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Think big…the world could become a better place because of a conversation that matters.