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William Arntz, Film Producer, Director, Screenwriter, & President of Captured Light Industries. Will Arntz is an enigma. He worked as a research physicist. He wrote the computer System Management software “AutoSys.” He’s a serial entrepreneur & a filmmaker on a mission. He is well known for his production “What the Bleep Do We Know?” a film that left many people shaking their head: some in awe, some in skepticism, some in disbelief. In any case, it led to conversations that took most out of their comfort zone. And that is what Will Arntz does best. His work provokes us to look deeply at our assumptions & actions, & calls the questions. His most recent work may be the most controversial: “Ghetto Physics: Redefining the Game” a documentary film Will produced & co-directed. The film examines the power dynamic that exists in social, political, & corporate relationships.