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Stewart Levine, founder of ResolutionWorks, and co-author of Collaboration 2.0: Technology and Best Practices for Successful Collaboration in a Web 2.0 World. To thrive in this century, leaders of organizations and global projects have to rely on and expect that people will bring their best thinking to the table even if it is controversial or isn’t what everyone wants to hear. Without this, leaders risk not making informed decisions on critical issues. Virtual teams and a mobile workforce make this even more challenging. Forging consensus quickly and easily may sound like an oxymoron to some; to Stewart it is the only option. After years as a practicing attorney, followed by a role as a corporate executive, he now teaches “conversational competence” to leaders around the world. Listen to this episode of Leading Conversations with Cheryl Esposito and learn what it takes to build that Resolutionary muscle and turn potential conflict into collaboration every time.