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Rajni Bakshi an economic journalist & author of Bazaars, Conversations & Freedom: for a market culture beyond greed & fear. Since 1985 Rajni has made a home in the fertile ground between journalism and activism – chronicling struggles for more humane and ecologically sound ways of life. Since 2000 she has listened to a wide range of innovators, in the realm of business, politics and philosophy – who are exploring ways to re-configure how ‘the market’ works. When asked about the gloom and doom of the financial markets and global economics, Rajni says, “Pessimism is for better times…we do not have the luxury to be pessimistic. Things are too grim.” She challenges us to relentlessly focus on “looking for possibility in unlikely places.” To wake up and see what is not yet seen. Rajni tells us we are in a “post-autistic economic time.” We have been shaken awake, now will we seize the moment? Listen to this episode of Leading Conversations with Cheryl Esposito and and look for possibility in unlikely places!