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Paul David Walker, Founder & CEO, Genius Stone Partners and author of Unleashing Genius: Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations. Paul says that great leaders first learn to unleash their own genius, discover the genius in each of their team members, and then synchronize each person’s genius to create a high performance team. “It is not about, as most believe, having corporate values. It is about discovering individual genius and team wisdom.”Paul describes genius this way: “Genius is not IQ or EQ, – it is the ability to set aside your thoughts and beliefs and consciously experience the flow of cause and effect that makes up present reality, similar to an athlete in ‘the zone’. Genius is letting go of what you think are the answers, connecting with the flow of reality and continually adjusting your company for strategic advantage.”Join Cheryl Esposito & Paul David Walker on this episode of Leading Conversations to learn to tap the genius within and all around you!