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Morgan Langan, an entrepreneur with a passion for integrating business with spirituality. He co-founded Grace Grove Retreat Center and co-creator of OneSpirit Weekend. His book to be released in 2010 is titled: The Ultimate MBA program: A Master’s Degree in Being Alive! Morgan Langan was a hard driving MBA, building successful enterprises and thriving as a businessperson. He didn’t have much time for “navel-gazing” or mindfulness…until he had a huge wake up call in the form of a human tragedy that was associated with his business. His view of life would never be the same. Today, many years later, Morgan is still a successful MBA – though with a new focus: the business of helping people find their purpose connecting body, mind, & spirit. And he believes the real MBA should be about being fully alive! Listen to this episode of Leading Conversations with Cheryl Esposito as Morgan shares his story, lessons learned from success, failure, and inspiration!