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Melanie DewBerry-Jones author of What Was God Thinking? An Owner’s Manual for Living from the Soul and founder of Soul Purpose Coaching. Melanie has been called a bringer of truth, depth & expansiveness. Leaning into her background in Native American spirituality and cosmology she offers a wholeness perspective in applying spiritual principles in business & for personal development. The sacred is about who we are, our natural self. We often let external factors dictate our sense of self. There is a belief that business & self or business & spirit don’t merge; that they are separate. It turns out business is actually very personal, says Melanie. She asks us to embrace connection in a meaningful way. We must define Presence, Transparency, build Community, and honor Humanity. It’s good for business because it’s good for the people who make your business. Listen to this episode of Leading Conversations with Cheryl Esposito to learn approaches in merging spirituality, business, & the personal.