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Mark McKergow, PhD, co-director of The Centre for Solutions Focus at Work. His books include The Solutions Focus: The SIMPLE Way to Positive Change; Positive Approaches to Change: Applications of Solutions Focus & Appreciative Inquiry at Work; and Solutions Focus Working: 80 Real-Life Lessons for Successful Organizational Change. A scientist by training and by nature, Mark seeks simplicity and reliability in learning and change. He started his career as a reactor physicist at the world’s first commercial nuclear power station as it approached decommissioning. His physics PhD in self-organizing systems provides a basis for his work, with influences ranging from systems thinking & brain research, to language, narrative and philosophy. Situations that are messy, complex, and confusing sometimes fail with traditional problem solving approaches. If progress is vital, join Cheryl Esposito & Mark McKergow on this episode on Leading Conversations to learn Solutions Focus!