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Jeffrey Glassman, J.D., founder of RainforestMaker, a non profit organization dedicated to saving and growing back the Earth’s rainforests- one tree at a time. Jeff is a highly successful attorney – a “rainmaker”- with passion for his work. Not having much time to play, he vacations as hard as he works. He adventures to exotic lands, climbs mountains, and explores wild coastlines. In 2004, while in Costa Rica Jeff says, “I was awed by its incredible beauty and I remember feeling the Rainforest was alive! …And there were huge tracts of Rainforest land that had been completely destroyed.” With that, the seed was planted and over the next couple of years ideas sprouted – until he decided that ideas were not enough. It was time for action. Listen to this episode of Leading Conversations with Cheryl Esposito to hear Jeff share the most important adventure of his life that takes him from a childhood love of trees to a passionate mission to make a difference for the planet.