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Esther Orioli, CEO & founder of Essi Systems, Inc., & Q-Metrics, dedicated to measuring & developing human intelligences at work. Esther is creator & author of EQ Map® which is a premier assessment for emotional intelligence in business. “Emotional intelligence is the true stuff of leadership,” says Esther, “because it’s easier to be smart than it is to be present.” And leadership is more than “smarts”. For the 21stcentury, high emotional literacy, emotional competencies, & values & attitudes are key to effective leadership & success. Even Peter Drucker, the 20thcentury management guru, when asked before his death what he would do differently, said “no longer teach people to be bosses. It is time to take control of your own energy, and orchestrate the energy of others.” This means influence trumps command and control. Are you ready for the success your EQ can help you achieve? Join this episode of Leading Conversations with Cheryl Esposito and Esther Orioli to build your Leadership EQ! Here’s to your success!