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Dianne Morrison of MorrisonMcNabb, with more than twenty-five years experience in transformational leadership & business development. She works with entrepreneurs who are growing companies & reinventing themselves & their businesses to be effective in the new economy and achieve extraordinary results. What matters for the successful future of business leaders? Mastering these keys to leadership & business success: The importance of focus: leaders who cannot focus, & cannot get their people to focus, will not survive. People skills: being able to develop these skills in the face of all the technology we are using is critical. Keeping our humanity: talk, listen, build relationships, keep commitments. Sounds simple enough…so why do so many people fail at these well known keys to success? Because there’s more to it. Dianne teaches us to begin with forgiveness & completion. Join Cheryl Esposito & Dianne Morrison on this episode of Leading Conversations, to learn the secrets to mastering the keys to a successful future!