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Bobbi DePorter, Chairman & President of Quantum Learning Network. Bobbi is an author of more than a dozen books translated into several languages, including: Quantum Success: 8 Key Catalysts to Shift Your Energy into Dynamic Focus and 8 Keys of Excellence: Principles to Live By. Bobbi says we are experiencing an Excellence Deficit. Our kids are at risk – it’s our responsibility to do something! A growing number of children & teens are detached, depressed, & hopeless about the future. There is a way to reverse this trend by inspiring them to internalize positive guiding principles called the 8 Keys of Excellence. SuperCamp, now in its twenty-ninth year, is designed to teach students learning and life skills in an environment that cultivates self-esteem and confidence. More than 55,000 students around the world have relearned how they learn, and reshape how they view themselves and live their lives. Listen to this episode of Leading Conversations as Cheryl Esposito and Bobbi DePorter co-create the excellence effect!