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Blaine Bartlett, CEO of Avatar Resources and author of Discover Your Inner Strength, an anthology with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard & Brian Tracy. He has worked throughout Asia, Europe & the U.S. helping organizations & individuals achieve success. Three Dimensional Coaching: Passion into Performance is being published in Japan & China. His newest book, Success…Sustained is due out this year. Blaine says: My time is a non-renewable resource. How am I spending it? Am I thriving, not just surviving? “Sustainable thriving” for individuals & their organizations requires valuing & enabling the human spirit. Leaders in organizations need to learn to unleash the potential of individuals to sustain success for the organization. Individuals need to become conscious of their passion and move toward it to live a life fulfilled with work that matters to them. Are you ready? Join Cheryl Esposito & Blaine Bartlett on this episode of Leading Conversations to explore Sustainable Success: Enabling the Human Spirit.