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Barry Braun, author of Do Less, Get More By Thinking Inside Out. Barry’s work is about enabling people to live more from their own sense of true self. When people are living and working with a sense of balance, purpose, and meaning, they are able to get more out of life without increasing the demands on their time and minds. In fact, it seems like less effort to do things. Barry says: “I believe we all have a spiritual truth within us that has an inspiring and amazing gift for the world. Although we might be aware it is there, we don’t often know exactly what it is or where it belongs.”Barry’s work helps people to discover unleveraged assets and learn to challenge the perceptions that have been holding them back. They find deep truths about themselves that release new energy and passion while bringing a greater sense of clarity, confidence and calm. Join Cheryl Esposito & Barry Braun for this episode of Leading Conversations radio to learn the many ways to find what has heart and meaning for you and your work in the world.