Up Your Game: Pivot to Success

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Adam Markel, CEO of New Peaks, and author of Pivot: The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life. Are you one of those wildly successful people: great at what you do, high earnings, admired by many…and yet, something is missing. You may feel your options are limited. You believe being responsible means that leaving proven success is, well, irresponsible. Cue Adam Markel. He first wants you to know, he feels your pain. He has been there. Eighteen years as an accomplished attorney, beautiful family, wanting for nothing…except meaning in his work. He next wants you to know that fear of making change conjures up images of abandoning everything you have created. This fear leaps over baby steps that one can take to make anything different in life. Those baby steps are crucial – and not so daunting. There is an art to the science of personal change. Reinventing life does not require abandoning everything you have created. It does require that SOMETHING be different. And that is the magic that Adam provides – he helps you find the SOMETHING that can be different each day. Your first step is your pivot point. Then you enter your exploration of the possible. Adam says we can love our life even if we don’t really love what we do…but wouldn’t it be better if we loved all of it? Join Cheryl Esposito and Adam Markel to up your game: pivot to success!