The Journey Into Wonder

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Eric Saperston, Chief Creative Officer of Live In Wonder. He is a storyteller, speaker, author, and passionate about bridging the wisdom gap between young people and elders. Wisdom lives with all of life’s experience and Eric is on a mission to capture it and share it with the world. His journey into “what’s it all about”, became a quest to inspire people to wake up to life & all of the possibilities that exist. Eric knows about possibility. Growing up with a father who refused to give in to “limitations” combined with the intense curiosity about the world that is Eric’s nature, he chooses to live his life “in wonder.” His quest has turned into an award winning film, The Journey; a best selling book, Live In Wonder, and an international speaking career that has spawned a social movement to rally people to “wake up and be awesome,” grounded in gratitude and a reverence for life. Join Cheryl Esposito with Eric Saperston on the journey toward living in wonder!