Leadership As Art: Be a Good Host

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Mark McKergow, PhD, Director of The Centre for Solutions Focus at Work, best-selling author, and physicist. His newest book, co-authored with Helen Bailey, is Host: Six New Roles of Engagement for Teams, Organizations, Communities, & Movements. Mark McKergow says, “The secret ingredient of successful organizations is engagement of their people.” As a physicist, Mark worked with teams decommissioning a nuclear reactor. Engagement from every person on every level was vital. How leaders create the optimal environment for that is the challenge. Leadership style matters here. “Leader as lone ranger” or “leader as hero,” doesn’t work so well to inspire others. Mark answers this with the concept of “Host Leadership.” Have you ever thought of yourself as a host to your organization? Hosting has ancient roots across all cultures. The role is familiar to most as in hosting a gathering, an event, houseguests, world leaders, etc. We all have experienced stellar hosting and occasionally not so stellar hosting. Turns out the art of good hosting can up your game as a leader. If you want to build the level of engagement in your organization, listen in and put these strategies to work immediately! Join Cheryl Esposito and Mark McKergow to refine your leadership skills with the art of hosting!