Language of the Soul: Our Sacred Purpose

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Melanie DewBerry, known as the “Soul Coach,” co-creator of “choice Magazine” – a publication for professional coaches, a “wordologist,” and educator in the power of language to shape our sense of self. Melanie says we have a problem in our fast-moving, innovative world today: intelligence trumps wisdom. And without wisdom, there is no guidance. She says we have forgotten how to learn from our elders, from the storied words, from the essence of experiences; and then to weave that learning with the data, facts, and logic – intelligence – to inform actions. We have forgotten…and Melanie wants us to remember…the language of our soul, our sacred self and our purpose in the world. Melanie has no bone with intelligence. She has a master’s degree in Asian Economic Development and Political Risk. She lived and worked in Wuxi, China teaching graduate students, “How to Do Business in Latin America,” while simultaneously working with the Chinese government on the pricing of goods for sale in the Latin America markets. She studied multiple languages, living and working in those countries. She was a pioneer in the field of coaching as it was emerging. She mentors master coaches around the world. And…she wants us to flex our wisdom muscle more. Join Cheryl Esposito and Melanie DewBerry to learn the language of our soul!