Brand: Real.

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Vasken Kalayjian, award-winning global branding expert, design strategist, artist, CEO of GK Brand, co-founder of Tribe Global Network, & author. Are your values aligned with your business? A childhood lesson from his father is the cornerstone of Vasken’s work in branding: you are your values & they are in everything you do. His book Brand Real – The Startup Entrepreneurs’ Guide to Effective Branding & Building Values-Based Organizations, is a startup’s success blueprint. Entrepreneurs: your brand is successful when it reflects your values. Passionate in helping clients define what matters to them, he infuses it into the brand.Born in Syria to Armenian immigrants, his life is a learning journey. Believing in endless possibility & living your values are lessons his father passed along. For Vasken, it is his way of being. Do your values align with your life & your business? Join Cheryl Esposito & Vasken Kalayjian for the inspiration of endless possibility!