A Story Worth Telling: Shock Incarceration

Cheryl Esposito welcomes Dr. Cherie Clark & James Redmond, creators of the film Shock Incarceration, a program developed & directed by Dr. Clark for NY State Department of Correctional Services, readying inmates for a successful life on the outside.
What if prison reform was about human beings & not politics? And the intention was to cultivate self-respect, self-discipline & life skills, & provide intensive substance abuse treatment to non-violent felony offenders in a six-month program? Since its inception in 1987, 50,000 + have graduated & NY state has saved $1.5 Billion: the 3-year recidivism rate for graduates is about 28%; for the general prison population it’s 65-70%. A story worth telling. Cue James Redmond whose passion is using video media to facilitate transformation. Together they invite us into the human experience & life-changing results of Shock Incarceration.
Join Cheryl Esposito with Dr. Cherie Clark & James Redmond for the story worth telling called Shock Incarceration.