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“Cheryl’s coaching has been transformational in how I approach my career and life. She’s created a safe environment for me to bring my whole self into our conversations. Her experience – combined with her incredible intuition – has helped me navigate multiple complex situations with greater confidence. Most importantly, I’m gaining a greater understanding of myself which makes the decisions and journey a truly authentic experience.”

Lila Ibrahim
Former COO at Coursera
Co-founder & Chair at Team4Tech
Board Director at Gannett


My work with Cheryl Esposito transformed my life. I have had experience with other Executive Coaches but Cheryl stands out in her ability to ask that one question that created a laser to a blind spot that I was not seeing. Her perceptiveness and professional acumen are a powerful combination. In addition, her attention to details about the space where you work and the different modalities of teasing out insights such as talking, journaling, music, art, poetry are things that I consider to be uniquely Cheryl. I highly recommend her to anyone trying to be the best leader and the best person they can be.

Wendy Beecham
Managing Director Executive Education
UC Davis Graduate School of Management


“Cheryl Esposito is that rare being who has committed her life’s work to being a catalyst and muse to the most expansive aspects of being human.
We’re living in a time where nothing less than fully awakened, fully embodied, and fully informed engagement with life will do. Cheryl knows this in her soul, and all her work reflects that of an inexhaustible fountain of courage, vulnerability, and depth applied to the institution that will make the greatest impact in this world today – business. Anytime you want to cut through the dross and start where most people end up, let Cheryl enter your domain. You’ll be glad you did.”

Gary Malkin
Emmy award winning composer/producer and speaker


“In medicine we are trained to care for patients. The administrative and staff development side are not taught, resulting in the need to learn these skills on-the-job. When I took on a leadership position in our hospital I quickly acquired many of these skills resulting in many programmatic successes. However, after several years I realized that I had hit the wall, and did not have the tools with which to solve many of the remaining issues. This is where Cheryl stepped in: we have worked together so that I am now better able to understand my strengths and weaknesses. I have learned to optimize my strengths, and have found ways to mitigate those areas where I am less skilled. Cheryl has not only allowed me to reach my potential, but probably more importantly has relentlessly but compassionately worked with me to ensure that I did not fall back into my old habits and ways of doing things. I am indebted to her, and am certain that without her support my career development would have been hampered. She is passionate in her efforts to tease the best out of me, and I know that she truly cares.”

Mark Lewin, M.D.
Professor and Chief | Division of Pediatric Cardiology
University of Washington School of Medicine
Co-Director | Heart Center
Seattle Children’s Hospital


“Cheryl has been a speaker/ workshop leader at W.I.N. global leadership forum. She does an excellent job in engaging people and in communication wonderful human messages. She is elegant, feminine, sophisticated and very very human. She is so good with professional women and having them dare to stake out their own journeys. Super facilitator, speaker, leader and a great person to be around.”

Kristin Engvig
Founder and Director W.I.N. (Women’s International Networking) global leadership conference and organization
Geneva, Switzerland


“Cheryl is an extraordinary strategist and one of the best executive coaches I’ve ever worked with. I heartily recommend her.”

Blaine Bartlett
Avatar Resources, Inc.



Cheryl Esposito guided me through my evolution as a leader. In the process, I learned how to harness the power of generative listening, and my value for connections with others, to transform our business culture and better serve our mission.

Jim Hendricks, Ph.D.
Seattle Children’s Research Institute


Cheryl’s work goes deep into one’s essence and one’s being. Its about showing up and being authentically you. Its about bringing consciousness in all aspects of ones life, work and leadership style. It is transformational and delivers outstanding – tangible results.

Vasken Kalayjian
GK Brand, Inc.