The Way of Leadership



Cheryl Esposito welcomes John P. Milton, founder of The Way of Nature and Sacred Passage™.

Friday September 29, 2017 10:00 am PST Pacific Time

John is a pioneering ecologist, author, spiritual teacher, meditation master, vision quest leader, and counsel to leaders around the world. His book, Sky Above, Earth Below: Spiritual Practice in Nature is a guide to cultivation of connection to pure source for purpose and creativity.
Mindful leadership…You hear this phrase everywhere today. Mindful leadership is not an intellectual exercise. It is a way of being. It requires deep self-awareness and inner-knowing. How do you get there? John P. Milton has been teaching leaders for more than 50 years, how to be this and create a deep connection to universal source using Nature as the catalyst. John’s work teaches that one makes leadership stands from a place of pristine clarity. Inner-knowing and initiating new ideas emerge from pure creative potential. Aligning with the majesty and power of Nature catalyzes transformation at every level.
Join Cheryl Esposito & John P. Milton as John reveals how deep inner communion with the Earth and Universal Source provide the way for grounded, centered, and (yes) mindful leadership.
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