Leadership is courage.

To trust. To create. To inspire.

To become an effective leader, you need to discover your best self. Only then can you inspire and motivate others to achieve success.

For decades, Cheryl Esposito with Alexsa Consulting has been challenging the conventional view of leadership. Leadership is not a title – it is learned and nurtured, and it impacts every area of your life. We can help you to unearth your passion, clarify your vision, and challenge your limits.

As you become a more courageous leader, you will inspire and connect with those around you. Let Alexsa unleash your full potential – as a leader and as a person.


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Alexsa Consulting has partnered with some of the most innovative and exciting Silicon Valley start-ups, as well as many prestigious Fortune 500 companies, from finance and healthcare to emerging technologies and venture capital firms.

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We are proud be equipping and developing the leaders of today — and tomorrow.

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Who We Are

Alexsa Consulting was founded by Cheryl Esposito, who is internationally recognized for her work in coaching and developing business leaders from global Fortune 500 companies, venture capital groups and Silicon Valley tech start-ups. Based in San Francisco, we have a proven track record of cultivating strong and innovative leaders since 1993.

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At Alexsa Consulting, we are proud to drive the conversation about what true leadership looks like, now and in the future.

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The Future of Leadership is Now

The future of leadership demands a different type of leader, and in a world of new technologies and instant interconnectivity it’s a next-generation approach to leadership that’s turning the top-down model on its head.

Emergent and dynamic organizations understand that this new leadership style is required in response to unprecedented levels of complexity and uncertainty, particularly in start-up situations. The future of leadership is less about authority and more about inspiring the leader in everyone.

Challenge your assumptions about what it takes to be a truly effective and innovative leader. Alexsa Consulting is a strategic leadership development partner that supports your leadership goals as a catalyst for growth. Since 1993, we have enjoyed a successful track record in developing and coaching leaders to achieve outstanding results.

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